OpsMobil and Sunbaked Software have had a long partnership; as a result several successful systems have been developed. From desktop to web applications, these systems are used on a daily basis from administration to pilots alike.

The Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS) was designed to track and reduce the number safety incidents in the work place. It allows for custom actions to take place along with notifying the required personnel that the incident requiring their attention. Although Safety may be the main function of the system, the built in flexibility allows for tracking of other operations such as Training, Audits, record keeping and items awaiting approval. With customizable charts and reports, it is easy to determine where any improvements can be made.

The Management Operations Scheduling System (MOSS) started out as an Asset Management system and today has grown to include multiple modules such as Expense Management, Flight Time Tracking, Flight Tickets, and Memos. Flight time tracking is the most used module of the system, which allows pilots to keep track of their time spent flying, sick days, vacation days etc. all in accordance with CARs (Canadian Aviation Regulations).

The Web Anomaly Reporting System (WARS) is a pipeline surveillance tool used to monitor and inspect pipelines by rotary or fixed wing flights. The pilots/technicians can either automatically upload their flight data or manually enter it into the system for custom reports designed to fit their customer needs. These custom reports are built based on the type of inspection done (Visual Inspection, Thermal /Video Leak Detection, Gas Leak Detection etc.) and complete with all photos taken during the inspection to provide improved overall customer satisfaction.

The Management Reporting Tools (MRT) is a desktop application that mines production accounting data in order to provide customized reports. It provides reports anywhere from Flight Tracking, Jobs, to Invoiced and Un-invoiced accounts. With this customizable report software, reports will both be professional and accurate in no time at all.

Project Info

  • Date 2002 - Ongoing
  • URL Portal.OpsMobil.com
  • Technologies VB.NET, SQL Server, Telerik Asp.Net Controls, Telerik Charting, Crystal Reports, Silverlight, Access

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