Clinic Management Software with Intelligence

ChiroSUITE began like so many other projects at Sunbaked Software - requested by an Alberta based Chiropractor looking streamline his business & processes by adding intelligence into his management software. Once completed, Dr. Hicke wanted to market & share this program with his colleagues & we quickly wanted to be a part of what he imagined – we loved the application, we loved the chiropractic community, and we believed in the changes he wanted to implement!

Through a series of very fortunate events, we had the opportunity to purchase ChiroSUITE & move it forward as our own! It has deeply changed the long term goals for Sunbaked Software & we have invested a lot of time, energy, and money moving the program forward. When clinics demo our software they can see that initial chiropractic influence – we believe it’s what separates us from the competition – strong chiropractic business knowledge with a strong mix of ridiculous programming skills!

From that beginning we have added electronic SOAP Notes & paperless technologies, Google calendar integration, online booking, bulk email capabilities, PIA compliance, and a ridiculous number of features!

As we continue moving forward this year we are adding electronic form filling, website integration with as well as website development, and are launching our first integrated phone app! We are finalizing our BC billing & Ontario billing components – we are looking forward to making a bigger impact Canada wide!!

Project Info

  • Date 1999 - Ongoing
  • URL
  • Technologies Access, SQL Server, Web Services, .NET, Google Integration

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