Currently kicking butt & taking names...

Brock W Denys

CEO / Senior Developer / Analyst / DBA / Geek

From lead programmer to application designer to network specialist to hardware technician and general manager - Brock wears every hat imaginable at Sunbaked. His tireless hours and dedication have helped to put Sunbaked on the map and continue to drive the Sunbaked team to success! He manages with courtesy and respect and realizes that Sunbaked's real strength is it's staff - second to none in his opinion!!

In his free time he likes to travel with his son. Maui, Mexico, California, Las Vegas for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Live, and 6 weeks walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain!

  • 855-509-1111 ext 805          Personal Cell for emergencies: 780-995-4335


MODO / Senior Developer / Analyst

Every successful team has one special member who shows up early, goes home late, never complains, works harder than everybody else no matter how hard the others work, and just generally makes the rest of the team look good, day in and day out, 24/7. Without them no team could succeed. Here at Sunbaked that person is Martin. Having written software for Sunbaked since 1997, Martin's tireless hard work and dedication has not only helped Sunbaked painlessly expand it's services into various key internet applications, but we have also watched as he has developed and honed his programming and project management skills to the point that there is simply no one we would rather have in his seat. I've said it before and I'll say it again - when Martin goes, we are closing the doors!

  • 855-509-1111 ext 803


Senior Developer / Analyst / DBA

After joining Sunbaked Software in 2008, Lisa has made herself an anchor point for web application development. Lisa has turned coding and developing web applications from a science into an art form. Her masterfully crafted websites are responsive and technically sound, whilst still being intuitive for ease of use. The future of websites developed at Sunbaked Software is in good hands with her.

Lisa is a developer by trade, but in her free time she’s out taking kickboxing or sharpening her aim in archery.

  • 855-509-1111 ext 804


ChiroSUITE Senior Support / Manager

As a former (well, still occasional) pilates instructor Susan's enthusiasm and bubbly personality makes her the ultimate support person. She quickly turns clients into friends and laughter can be heard throughout the office on a daily basis. Aside from being the head of our technical support team for Chirosuite, Susan manages the office and loves helping others achieve rock star moments. Having worked in business administration, bookkeeping, Chiropractic and Medical offices brings many years of experience to the table. Susan cares about each of our clients and their business being successful by providing knowledge on how to use the tools at hand as well as the knowledge of why these tools are critical in streamlining business.

When not solving issues Susan is spending time outdoors with her daughter and likely hugging trees. Susan believes that creating a quality life is directly related to how she can enhance other lives around her. Always continuing the journey of self- acceptance and love. Om

  • 855-509-1111 ext 808


ChiroSUITE Sales & Implementations

Jeannine is the newest member of the Sunbaked team and brings with her 10+years in Wellness Office Management. Over the years she's had the opportunity to lead the front end team of smaller offices with two practitioners, all the way to working in a hopping high volume office with over fifteen! Jeannine is an asset to the Sunbaked team as she understands that no office is alike, each practice has it's own set of unique needs. Jeannine is here to help us leap forward into the new era of paperless office technologies. She is your go to gal for all things paperless! Whether it's training & supporting your front end staff through the paperless process, or helping Doctors with SOAP set up training. She's excited to remain a part of profession she believes passionately in, helping them move forward in a different capacity. Jeannine is an animal lover! In her spare time you can find her hiking with her two dogs, getting calm & centered with yoga & meditation. As well as soaking in the vitamin D on the golf course.

  • 855-509-1111 ext 811



Regena looks after bookkeeping at Sunbaked. Her experience comes from several industries; tourism, accounting, cooking on the oil rigs and office administration. She loves math! (not lying). In Regena’s spare time she likes to spend time with her son, family & friends. Regena is very talkative, she’s lovingly called the “social butterfly”. Is making cocktails, then drinking them a hobby? Regena also likes swimming, bicycling, gardening, sewing & embroidery.