Angus Watt Advisory Group

Month End Reporting System (MERS)

NBF already had a MERS program & process in place when we got involved, but it took too long to complete each month and provided no flexibility to even go back & print a report from the previous month. Manual collating was required to group & produce these reports with information from various systems, organized in various different ways!

We re-wrote the MERS system from the ground up & even modified the import process to provide more accurate data. We incorporated a PDF import into client accounts to not only store reports from their primary system but to strip out the information from those reports that we needed – allowing us to generate more detailed MERS reports & reprint the PDF reports from the other system as part of the report from MERS. Printing is now done from multiple trays, allowing the report to be printed as desired, in a single, auto-collated report that can simply be picked up from the printer and distributed!

Reports can be re-generated from any previous years/months and in the next release we’ll allow those reports to be generated based on each individual client’s yearend instead of the calendar year!

It has been one of those absolutely perfect projects where you can instantly see weeks of headache ridden report creation reduced to a few days of printing perfection!

Project Info

  • Date 2012 - Ongoing
  • URL
  • Technologies Access, SQL Server, PDF importing & data stripping, advanced multi-tray printing & collation

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